Gunite Swimming Pool Contractor

How to Choose the Right Contractor to Install a Gunite Pool

When homeowners decide to build and install a gunite swimming pool, they choose a premium material because of their durability, versatility, shape, and size. Gunite material is a combination of cement, sand, and larger pieces of material, such as crushed stone or small bits of gravel. All these materials are combined with water.

Gunite swimming pools can be molded in a variety of shapes such as a classic rectangle shape or kidney shaped pool. If you live in an area that withstands harsh weather conditions during certain times of the year, like extreme heat and freezing temperatures, gunite swimming pools are durable to handle these conditions.

While swimming pools made from gunite material are the best option for homeowners because of their durability, finding the right contractor to build your dream gunite swimming pool is the next step. Are you considering getting a gunite swimming pool? Read on to learn how to choose the right pool contractor to build your gunite swimming pool.

Research Pool Contractors

To begin, you’ll need to research local pool contractors. Check out their reviews from previous customers, gaze through their website galleries or service pages, get recommendations from friends and family, and hire a reputable company. Reading online reviews gives you an idea of how specific companies partner with their customers during the swimming pool construction process. If there’s an abundance of positive reviews, that pool contractor is one to consider. However, if there’s more negative reviews, maybe that pool company is not the one to go with. Since designing and installing an in-ground swimming pool is an expensive investment, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth for the project.

By reviewing each pool contractor’s website galleries and their service pages, if applicable, you’ll see how the completed project might look. For example, Mufson Pools Landscape & Design, a reputable pool contractor that specializes in building and installing customized gunite swimming pools, offers a variety of pictures on their website gallery as well as on our Houzz page for potential customers to view before and after pictures of previous projects.

Make Sure Gunite is an Option

During your research, it’s important to note if these specific pool contractors offer gunite swimming pools as an option. Sometimes, pool contractors will have a section on their website that’s dedicated to construction services. This is where you can find the types of pools they build and install. If the swimming pool contractor lists the materials they use, see if gunite is an option.

Also, keep an eye out for other key elements to consider such as if the pool contractor is a full-service company and if they outsource to third-party vendors. A full-service pool contractor not only offers pool and spa construction but also includes general service to your swimming pool. Keep these other considerations in mind before hiring a contractor to build your gunite swimming pool.

Experience with Installing Gunite Swimming Pools

Now that your list of swimming pool contractors consists only of ones that offer gunite, the next step is to evaluate their experience with installing gunite swimming pools. Review their gallery on their website and service page to see before and after pictures of previous gunite pool projects.

Also, make sure to read their descriptions that are found within their picture gallery or under a specific tab on their website. This will provide insight into how many gunite swimming pools they have designed and installed as well as what the outcome could appear. Lastly, read any reviews or testimonials from previous customers about their gunite pool. Reading about experiences through a variety of past clientele helps you understand the work you will receive from the contractor.

See if the Contractor is a Long-Term Service Provider

Next, find out if the pool contractor of your choice is a long-term service provider. This is an important element because you are finding out if the pool contractor, you’re considering hiring will be there to repair your swimming pool, replace pool equipment, or want general pool maintenance.

Knowing this information in advance will help with making your final decision on the right contractor to hire. Also, you’re keeping your mind at ease knowing the hired pool contractor will continue to service your new swimming pool once the construction is done.

Accredited and Accessible Contractor

Before hiring a swimming pool contractor to construct your dream gunite swimming pool, thoroughly investigate their credibility, as a contractor, and any insurances and licenses they have. Knowing the accredited pool company has the right licenses and insurances, the customer will have peace of mind in case any issues arise. Some issues include the foundation being uneven, safety not being a priority, and the contractor not keeping building codes in mind. To find out more information about a specific company that is not listed on their website, Better Business Bureau can provide the missing information to fill in the gaps.

You should consider whether the pool contractor is easily accessible during the entire process from designing all the way to building. Ideally, a great project manager is someone who’s attentive, routinely checks in with the customer, returns phone calls, and follows up with their clients once the project is finished. This is a key element because of the possibility of something happening during the building process or an unhappy customer, the client can easily get ahold of the pool contractor.

If the pool contractor you’re considering has this type of statement: 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, you get a sense of the swimming pool contractor’s work ethic. For instance, Mufson Pools ensures complete customer satisfaction before completing the project. If the customer is not 100% satisfied, the Mufson Pool professionals will continue working until the satisfaction is met.

Lastly, see how long the pool contractor has been in business. This will give you an idea of how much experience the pool contractor has under them. Mufson Pools, for example, has been in business for 30 years. Potential customers that are analyzing their website know that Mufson Pools team has extensive knowledge and experience within their field.

Build Your Gunite Pool with Mufson Pools

Owning a gunite swimming pool is a wonderful addition that adds enjoyment to your backyard. This durable and versatile material is popular with many pool owners. However, choosing the right pool contractor to design, build and install your gunite swimming pool requires a lot of research and properly weighing the pros and cons. It’s important to review key elements such as the contractor’s reputation, accredited, and accessibility. Also, see if gunite material is an option, how much experience this pool contractor has with gunite, and if they’re a long-term service provider.

Mufson Pools Landscape & Design specializes in creating, building, and installing customized gunite swimming pools for homeowners throughout Bergen County, NJ for 30 years. All our pool and spa projects are built with precision and care. The professionals at Mufson Pool ensure 100% customer satisfaction before the swimming pool project is complete.

Additionally, Mufson Pools is available as a long-term service provider for future maintenance and repairs. Are you ready to start building your gunite swimming pool? Dial (201) 768-6844 for more information about our swimming pool construction and services.

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