Choosing the Right Materials for Your Hardscaping Project

Summertime is here and that means it’s time to get your backyard pool ready for some fun in the sun. When it comes to constructing the ideal outdoor oasis, one of the most critical aspects – not to mention exciting – involves hardscaping. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching border around your pool or a unique design feature that ties your space together, selecting the right material is the key to any successful hardscape project.

As the homeowner, you want hardscape materials with endurance, functionality, and a breathtaking aesthetic. But with so many options on the market, narrowing down a material that satisfies your needs and expectations seems like a wild guess! Don’t worry! We put together this guide to help you choose the best hardscaping material for your next backyard project.

What is a Hardscaping Project?

While landscaping focuses on grass, mulch, and floral arrangements, hardscaping describes manufactured structures built around a structure, such as a pool or a house. Hardscaping projects include patios, walkways, decks, outdoor kitchens, built-in firepits, water features, garden structures, and landscape edging. Incorporating a patio or outdoor kitchen can increase the value of your home – when you decide to move.

Once you decide on the scope of your hardscaping project, it is time to dive into the materials you want to use. Many homeowners choose brick, pavers, porcelain, marble, or bluestone for their hardscaping projects.

The Best Types of Hardscaping Materials

Ideally, a hardscape project should uniquely reflect a personal style and aesthetic. But certain hardscape materials can push things over the edge. Here are some common materials typically seen in hardscape projects.

1) Brick

Brick is a common material to use for hardscaping projects due to its durability and affordability, with minimal maintenance required. Brick works well for a variety of backyard features including walkways, patios, and fire pits. Moreover, brick comes in assorted colors like red, brown, tan, or black, patterns, and textures like smooth, distressed, or antique.

2) Pavers

Homeowners searching for a long-lasting and durable material should consider pavers. Pavers can handle a variety of climate patterns ranging from extreme heat to freezing cold temperatures. Pavers are the most cost effective option and are available in a range of sizes and colors.

The best type of pavers for your next hardscaping project is Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec. Cambridge pavers are durable and strong, allowing them to last for years with minimal maintenance needed. The built in ArmorTec coating protects these pavers from any stains, fading, and general wear and tear. Also, Cambridge pavers are made to interlock with one another, preventing any cracks and weeds from growing between the pavers. Get the most use out of your luxury outdoor patio by choosing Cambridge Pavingstones with ArmorTec.

Alternately, homeowners living in areas with ample sun exposure may notice some discoloration. Ask your professional hardscaping service if they can seal the pavers with a varnish to prevent any fading to your pavers. Unlike other materials that face stress during the harsh winter months, smaller pavers can handle the drop in temperature and harsh weather. Compared to other hardscaping materials, pavers are the cheaper option.

3) Porcelain

Using porcelain tiles for outdoor hardscaping projects recently surged in popularity. Since porcelain derives from ceramic material fired at hot temperatures, these scratch-resistant tiles will not fade and should last for years.

Porcelain is available in different colors, textures, and patterns, allowing you to pick out the right one to suit your style. Also, the low-maintenance tiles prove durable in different weather conditions, making them the ideal hardscaping material.

4) Marble

If you wish to give your backyard oasis a classic and luxurious appearance, check out marble tiles. Aside from its exquisite appearance, marble tiles prove extremely durable. Still, marble tiles become prone to stains since they readily absorb moisture. Luckily, you can extend the life of marble tiles by sealing them. However, sealing the marble will change the natural color of the stone from a light color to a darker tone.

Furthermore, you can choose a variety of rich colors such as soft whites, creams, and greys, with a sand blasted finish to ensure it is not slippery. Marble is an excellent option for an outdoor patio or walkway!

5) Bluestone

Don’t forget about Bluestone! This type of sandstone is a natural stone and available in different varieties of choices. The most popular choices are true blue and variegated bluestone. True blue is a type of bluestone with a more uniform color. Available in a consistent color of dark blue grey, this type of bluestone gives a contemporary and colonial vibe to your hardscaping project. Variegated bluestone reveals natural minerals and has hues of brown, red, green, grey, and orange, allowing for a more natural appearance.

Also, this material is used to create any hardscaping landscape such as patios and walkways. Bluestone requires minimal maintenance, doesn’t get slippery, and can handle weather changes; but has a rough texture.

Let Mufson Pools Design Your Next Hardscaping Project!

Picking out the correct material for your upcoming hardscaping project is exciting and stressful. No matter the material you choose, adding some form of hardscaping around your pool will turn it from simply functional into an impressive piece of art that everyone who visits will enjoy.

Stay alert to any factors that could sway your decision such as budget, general aesthetic, how much maintenance the material requires, and what happens during certain climates. Are you ready to get your hardscaping project started?

The experts at Mufson Pools Landscape & Design have built and installed various hardscaping projects from an outdoor fireplace to water features to outdoor kitchens. As the No.1 pool construction and hardscaping company in northern New Jersey, we look forward to exceeding your expectations. To speak with a member of the design team, dial (201) 768-6844 today!

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