Children Pool Safety

Cool Pool Safety Tips for Children

Growing up with a backyard pool is pivotal for a child so they can burn energy, build strength, and create treasured summertime memories. While having a backyard swimming pool promises endless summer fun, it also comes with plenty of responsibility – particularly with child safety.

By implementing proper safety protocols within the pool area, families can mitigate injuries or accidental tragedies, such as drowning, from occurring. From educating your children about pool safety to securing the pool area, Mufson Pools curated the best pool safety tips for kids. Let’s dive in and explore these expert tips!

Swim Lessons: A Must for Every Child

Once your child is between the ages of 1 and 4, they can begin swimming lessons with a certified instructor. Swim lessons will teach kids the basics including:

  • Water Acclamation
  • Floating and Gliding Techniques
  • Directional Changes
  • Proper Breathing Techniques
  • Leg Kicking Instruction
  • Underwater Exploration
  • General Pool Safety

Mastering this skill at an early age is lifesaving and builds confidence instead of conditioning children to fear the water. Parents have bountiful options when they decide to sign their children up for swimming lessons. Check out your local community pool or YMCA to see upcoming events and classes.

Use Pool Fences to Prevent Unsupervised Access

Many pool owners believe that a pool fence will not match the general aesthetic their backyard paradise radiates. But pool fences can save a child’s life by preventing them from wandering into the pool area. If you are a pool owner with younger children, consider installing a fence that surrounds your entire swimming pool. These pool fences should meet the following standards:

  • Stand 4 feet Around the Perimeter: This will completely cover the pool area from the rest of the backyard space, ensuring no one can squeeze their way in from any side.
  • No Climbing Access: Like animals, children love to climb things – much to our discontent. As such, there should be no footholds, handholds, or lawn and play equipment that a kid could use to boost themselves over the fence.
  • Minimal Slat Space: To prevent kids from wedging themselves between the vertical slats on the fence, double-check to make sure they are no more than 4 inches apart. Not only will children be safe, but so will small pets.
  • Self-Latching Gate: The fence needs to include a gate that not only self closes, but self-locks. Make sure the latch stays out of a child’s reach, approximately 54” above the ground.

Besides a pool fence, consider an alarm system in your swimming pool. Drowning can occur without warning. By installing an alarm, a loud, high-pitched noise will ring, signaling an intruder in the pool area.

But if you cannot install a fence or alarm surrounding your swimming pool or hot tub, make sure to cover and lock it when it is no longer in use. You’ll rest easy knowing younger children – whether yours or the neighbors – won’t break into the danger zone.

Invest in an Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers are an excellent safety option for children. They offer a layer of protection that is easy to use and reliable. Automatic pool covers are designed to provide a barrier over the pool. Thus, the cover helps to prevent accidental drowning and can keep debris and dirt out of the pool. Even better, you can activate the cover with the press of a button or remote control.

Enforce Basic Pool Safety Rules

Imagine you’re at a waterpark, hotel, or community pool. You notice signs hanging around the gate with a list stating what not to do within the pool area. Think of your backyard pool in this manner. Some safety rules you should establish for your backyard include:

  • Running and horseplay are prohibited in or near the pool
  • No pushing each other around or into the pool
  • Absolutely no entering the pool during thunder, lightning, or other types of harsh weather
  • Do not dive off a diving board or side of the swimming pool unless the water is 9 feet or deeper
  • Make sure an adult is supervising while swimming in the pool
  • No food or drinks in the pool area
  • Never swim alone; adhere to the buddy system

By enforcing basic pool safety rules, everyone can splash and float around in the cool water underneath the sweltering summer weather.

Keep Vigilant with Adult Supervision

The main factor in pool safety for children involves laser-focused supervision. Kids should never swim without an adult present. So, assign a responsible adult to act as a water watcher. Think of this role as an at-home lifeguard. The assigned water watcher should remain at arm’s length with younger kids or any first-time swimmers.

Cover All Pool Drains

Before allowing anyone into your swimming pool or near the pool area, double-check that all the drain covers are in excellent condition. If a drain cover is loose or breaks, children become seriously injured. For example, part of the bathing suit can get caught, hair can tangle, or the suction between the drain and the water can cause a vacuum effect, trapping the child under the water. To make sure this does not happen, teach children to play away from the drain covers. And do not shy away from issuing punishments if they break this rule.

Ensure Children Wear Life Vests Near the Pool Area

If your child lounges around water at an early age, they will eventually find themselves wearing a life jacket. Kids may fight to wear them or get upset, but life jackets will keep their heads floating above the water. When you make the purchase, remember to confirm that the light jacket is certified by the U.S. Coast Guard for maximum safety. Do not rely on anything like water wings, floaties, and pool noodles to protect your children.

Have a First Aid Kit Ready

Whether it’s an actual first aid kit full of Band-Aids, gauze, pain medication, ice packs, or ointment for cuts, and you or someone at your house knows CPR, these steps are essential for proper pool safety. Administering proper CPR can save someone’s life no matter their age. If parents are not certified, check out local CPR certification classes. You never know what is going to happen and when, so it’s better to stay ready than to scramble at the last minute.

Summertime Safety: Protecting Kids from Pool Hazards

Swimming pools are a lot of fun but require necessary precautions to protect the well-being of children. By taking proper safety measures, you’re not taking away from summer fun! Kids can still splash around, cannonball themselves into the pool, or even play Marco Polo with friends and family. Now put on your sunhat, grab a floaty, and get ready to splash around in the pool with the kids!

The pool experts at Mufson Pools Landscaping & Design are ready to help you keep your pool and hot tub area safe by following your town’s local ordinances. To speak with one of our pool experts today, call (201) 768-6844 for information on creating a safe, fun environment for your swimming pool.

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