Essential Furniture for Your Outdoor Space 

At the heart of every home, families need a space to gather, laugh, share details about their days, and spend time together. This may be the kitchen table or the cushy sofa in the living room. Most people may not consider their patio or side yard as the welcoming center of their home, but with the right furnishings, this space can be completely transformed!

Learning about the must-have outdoor furniture pieces for your home gets you one step closer to the upgraded outdoor oasis of your dreams.

Easy as 1, 2, 3: Easy-Clean Furniture Pieces

Hosting house guests is anything but easy. With food planning, entertainment, and cleaning, the party planning begins to feel more stressful than exciting. Putting an outdoor space to use while hosting guests only adds to the pressure: two areas of the home need to be spick and span. Ease this tension by choosing the right type of furniture for your space. Easy-clean outdoor furniture crosses maintenance off your party prep list.

Search for easy-clean furniture when you are purchasing pieces for your home. These have lower upkeep than other materials and look newer for a longer amount of time. Find pieces made of substances such as all-weather wicker, often made into outdoor loveseats or chairs, or cedar and teak wood, commonly seen in outdoor dining table sets.

Restaurant Quality Dining in Your Backyard

Experience the luxury of outdoor dining outside your own home. Imagine sitting outside in the cool, crisp autumn air, surrounded by family, enjoying your dinner as the leaves fall. No matter where you are, the joys of being outside and sharing a meal with your loved ones create life-long bonds and cheerful memories. If you love the change in seasons, an outdoor dining table allows you to fully embrace all the beauty that winter, spring, summer, and fall bring from the comfort of your own home.

Let an outdoor dining table be your enjoyable escape from the normal indoor kitchen table. Outdoor dining tables come in a variety of options, varying in size, material, and color. Choosing a material that withstands damage from seasonal weather conditions offers the best solution, enabling a dining table to be used many times throughout the year. Bask in the summer sunlight and feel the first warmth of spring without making a reservation to eat out. From BBQ spreads to holiday lunches, an outdoor dining table is a must for your home’s outdoor space.

Cozy Up by the Fire

The smell of a perfectly roasted marshmallow and a fire crackle go hand in hand. Your outdoor space and a fireplace are the newest match made in heaven! Create the perfect activity to enjoy with guests by utilizing a firepit or fireplace with surrounding seating. There are plenty of loveseat and chair sets to choose from, which complement that vital semi-circle around the fire. By incorporating these Adirondack chairs around the perimeter, you and your guests can enjoy year-round relaxation. From roasting hot dogs in the summer to telling spooky stories by firelight amid October, sitting around the fire with loved ones.

Add a Pop of Color: Implementing Outdoor Rugs

If your outdoor space does not quite reflect the feeling of comfort that your indoor living room exudes, add an outdoor rug and bring the cozy inside vibe outdoors. A rug not only brings furniture like chairs and a couch together but also adds a pop of color. Consider matching your chosen rug to pillows and furniture cushions to tie the color scheme together. Be sure to impress guests and create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone with a colorful rug.

Beware of Wear & Tear

To prevent wear and tear from harsh weather conditions, take protective measures to prevent furniture damage. This may feel like a dreaded task, as many storage options are not the most pleasing to the eye. However, pursue options such as storage boxes, sheds, or durable coverings to find the style that fits for you.

These customizable choices can match the color scheme of your home, making them mesh well with the area. In addition to protection from the weather, your choice of protection will also deter animals and insects from furniture. An added benefit of outside storage is having a designated place for pool towels, fire supplies, and cushions for furniture. Save your outdoor furniture from damage with this easy solution.

From firepits to throw rugs, creating an ideal atmosphere for you and your family is the most important aspect of an outdoor space. The essentials listed above are some of the premier choices to bring your home to life and “WOW” all your guests. Behind the furniture, the design of your outdoor space also brings character and charm to your home. If you need assistance in your outdoor upgrade, trust the knowledgeable professionals at Mufson Pools Landscaping & Design to configure your dream space and perfectly accommodate your outdoor furniture needs!

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