Marquis Hot Tub Crown Collection

Everything You Need to Know About The Crown Collection by Marquis®

Do you dream of relaxing and unwinding in a luxurious spa after a long, stressful day? The hot tubs by Marquis® can make this dream a reality. Whether you’re looking to decompress after work or the best ways to recuperate an injury or manage any chronic pain, check out the newest collection offered at Mufson Pools: The Crown Collection by Marquis®.

Every hot tub featured in the brand-new Crown Collection by Marquis® combines the most advanced therapy features with luxurious amenities. Are you ready to soak in luxury? Read on to learn everything you need to know about The Crown Collection by Marquis®.

What is The Crown Collection?

Hot tubs in The Crown Collection by Marquis® showcase high-quality luxury with top-of-the line relaxation features. There are five diverse types of hot tubs available within this collection: The Crown Epic, The Crown Euphoria, The Crown Resort, The Crown Summit, and The Crown Spirit. Let’s explore each hot tub model a bit further.

The Crown Epic

If you daydream about owning a hot tub with different massage styles at each seat, then look no further than the The Crown Epic. This legendary hot tub boasts 53 jets while each seat provides a different kind of massage – two seats have deep tissue massage; one seat gives a shiatsu massage, another offers a relaxation massage, and the last one delivers a Swedish massage.

The Crown Epic can seat up to six people, making it the perfect hot tub model for entertaining guests. Other luxury amenities include a built-in Bluetooth audio system and touch screen. There’s also JEWEL™ LED LIGHTING, which adds extra dimension and mood lighting to your backyard spa. Enjoy having little, oxygen bubbles rejuvenate your skin with MicroSilk®. What are you waiting for? Relax in style with The Crown Epic from Marquis®.

The Crown Euphoria

Reach a peak state of bliss with The Crown Euphoria, which features 7 multi-level seats and different massage options. For active individuals or people experiencing chronic pain, this hot tub’s targeted touch jets deliver a focused stream that eases any muscle and joint pain. Boasting deep tissue massage seats, this hot tub will delight anyone in need of some extra muscle relief. Everyone has easy access to the Regal Whitewater 4-jet for some soothing and intense foot and leg therapy.

Like The Crown Epic, The Crown Euphoria comes with the same state-of-the-art amenities: JEWEL™ LED LIGHTING, MicroSilk® Technology, Crown Environments, and a built-in Bluetooth audio system. Enjoy that state of euphoria with a hot tub as impressive as The Crown Euphoria by Marquis®.

The Crown Resort

There’s no need to travel to a resort for optimal tranquility; bring the spa to your backyard instead. The Crown Resort hot tub from The Crown Collection by Marquis® allows spa-level relaxation in the comfort of your own backyard. Get ready to take your staycations to the next level. Equipped with two loungers and deep tissue and shiatsu massage experiences, no one will want to return to reality while floating in this beautiful hot tub. This hot tub allows you to have full control over your massage experience since you can activate unused jets with its dynamic flow control valve.

The Crown Resort hot tub holds 5 people and has 50 jets, allowing everyone who enters it to re-center themselves. Elevate your decompress time by adding the proper colored lights provided by JEWEL™ LED LIGHTING while hydrating your skin with MicroSilk® Technology. Control your favorite tunes through Crown MQTouch™, a built-in touch screen that’s accompanied with Marquis’ Bluetooth Audio System. Create a peaceful and tranquil sanction with The Crown Resort hot tub by Marquis®.

The Crown Summit

Treat your aching body with The Crown Summit hot tub. The 65 jets, three Adirondack seats, and adjacent four hydromassaging seats allow any pain to melt away. Since this hot tub can seat up to 7 people, it’s perfect for entertaining company. The Crown Summit hot tub also comes with skin softening MicroSilk® Technology, JEWEL™ LED LIGHTING and a built-in tub Bluetooth Audio System to get the most out of your luxury Marquis hot tub.

Lastly, beautifully crafted steps and benches make this hot tub as sophisticated as it gets. Enjoy an all-in-one massage therapy session with Marquis® luxurious hot tub, The Crown Summit.

The Crown Spirit

If you’re looking for a lap of luxury, but want to avoid buying an enormous hot tub, check out The Crown Spirit by Marquis®. The elegant curve in the front of this hot tub allows for easy access in and out of the tub. The Crown Spirit has 32 jets and ample seating for 4 people, allowing your loved ones to enjoy a full body therapy session with the help of a lounge chair that offers jets that focus on the shoulders. Plus, if you get overheated, The Crown Spirit has an elevated chair to keep your heart above the water line and make it easy to enter and exit the hot tub.

Like the other hot tubs within The Crown Collection by Marquis®, The Crown Spirit includes Crown Environments, MicroSilk® Technology, JEWEL™ LED LIGHTING, and Bluetooth Audio System. Stimulate your body and mind with The Crown Spirit hot tub.

Reset Your Mind and Body with a Marquis Hot Tub!

Basque in complete luxury with any hot tub from The Crown Collection by Marquis®. The Crown Epic, The Crown Euphoria, The Crown Resort, The Crown Summit, and The Crown Spirit all deliver high quality elements such as MicroSilk® Technology, Crown Environments, a built-in Bluetooth Audio System, and JEWEL™ LED LIGHTING. Whether you’re using the hot tub to relax after a long, strenuous day or looking to manage chronic pain or assist with treating an injury, Marquis hot tubs are the way to achieve ultimate relaxation!

Are you ready to install your brand-new Marquis hot tub? Located in Norwood, NJ, Mufson Pools Landscape & Design now carries Marquis hot tubs for everyone to enjoy and love. Our dedicated and professional team have the most up-to-date knowledge about these luxury hot tubs. For more information on The Crown Collection by Marquis®, dial (201) 768-6844 today!

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