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The Benefits of Owning a Marquis® Hot Tub

Owning a hot tub is a great way to unwind from a long way and spend quality time with friends and family. However, hot tubs are also helpful when it comes to managing any health issues such as chronic pain or injuries. Marquis is a luxury brand of hot tubs that offers different styles and has unique features that cater to your specific needs.

Many customers opt for hot tubs within The Crown Collection and Vector21 Series because you will get the most use and benefits from these luxury tubs. Both collections allow you to have complete control over your relaxation experience by controlling the flow of water or the massage style in each seat. Keep reading to learn the benefits of owning a Marquis brand hot tub that is part of The Crown Collection and Vector21 Series.

Unwind After a Long Day

One of the many different benefits that come from owning a Marquis brand hot tub is that it allows you to unwind after a long, stressful day. Between the warm water, multiple seating options for the utmost comfort, and different massage options such as shiatsu, deep-tissue, Swedish, and relaxation, are available at each sitting area.

The Vector21 Series and Crown Collection hot tubs bring luxury relaxation to your own home. For example, within the Vector21 Series, each style of hot tub comes with V3 Throttle Control™, which allows users to change the flow of the water to be on in one seat or have the water go in between two seats. Depending on the model you choose, you have access to three or five control valves that are built-in to the seat where these control valves are located. Let yourself be in complete control as you unwind from everyday life.

Create a Focal Point for Social Gatherings

Hot tubs are a great addition to have during social gatherings because relaxing in one entices people to completely unplug and get from the internet. This is a time when everyone can come together and have heart-to-heart conversations while growing their friendships and relationships.

Hot tubs within The Crown Collection and The Vector21 Series can seat between 3-7 people, making them great additions during a get-together. Additionally, being able to relax around friends is a great way to improve your mental health. Having the ability to relax and talk about what’s on your mind around people that you trust is therapeutic and will improve your mental health. No matter the style and collection of Marquis hot tubs you install, everyone will want to relax in your luxury hot tub and enjoy authentic conversations.

Enjoy Great Health Benefits

Soaking in a hot tub comes with health benefits and is a great way to help treat existing conditions. Hydrotherapy is a type of treatment method that helps with aiding pain from conditions such as chronic diseases like fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, muscle pain, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and arthritis, and rehabilitation from an injury. Hot tubs have powerful jets that target warm water to the neck, shoulder, legs, feet, and lumbar area. The Crown Collection has Regal Hydrokinetic™ therapy jets that combine power and therapy elements as well as cluster the jumbo RHK-40 jets together to target hard-to-reach places.

In The Vector21 Series, the V-O-L-T ™ system flows through the high-powered jet pods to get the best-in-class therapy. Also, this is the only series that allows users to switch the jet pods to other seats within the hot tub. While soaking in a hot tub, you don’t get only physical benefits, but mental health benefits as well. Did you know that if you sit in a hot tub for 20 minutes, it helps reduce stress and helps you sleep longer and faster? Get that much-needed time alone by soaking in your own Marquis brand hot tub and allow any stress and pain to just melt away.

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to cleaning and maintaining your Marquis hot tub, whether it’s part of The Crown Collection, The Vector21 Series, or other styles, it’s easy because of the self-cleaning option called ConstantClean™ and its effective element, SmartClean™.


ConstantClean™ is a water management system that’s available in either a single-filtration or dual-filtration configuration, depending on the hot tub you choose. ConstantClean™ in-line chemical system allows your Crown Collection and Vector21 Series hot tub to remain clean with minimal effort. Skimmers within Marquis brand hot tubs skim the surface of the water to collect any debris, sweat, skin oil and skin cells, sunscreen, lotion, makeup, dirt, and grit. ConstantClean ™ acts as a cruise control for your hot tub; set it every four to six weeks and let your hot tub’s built-in technology do the rest.


With the help of SmartClean™ software, you can automatically schedule cleaning and filtration when your hot tub is not in use and after each hydrotherapy session. Also, ConstantClean™ has a multi-stage filtration process that suctions, traps, and removes anything that’s contaminating your Crown Collection and Vector21 Series hot tub.

Marquis® Rapid Action Filter Cleaner

Cleaning the spa itself is as simple as cleaning the water. Since many hot tub owners use their tubs during the colder season, think about fully cleaning your Marquis hot tub during the warmer months. Before you begin cleaning your Marquis hot tub, make sure to review the owner’s manual and own Marquis hot tub cleaning products, for optimal cleaning and protection. Do not use dish soap, citrus-scented cleaning products, ammonia, glass cleaners, organic solvents, nail polish remover, ketones, or esters on your Crown Collection and Vector21 Series hot tub.

Once your spa is empty, clean the filters by submerging them in a 5-gallon bucket of water and adding Marquis® Rapid Action Filter Cleaner. The filters should soak overnight to allow residue to break up. Rinse the filters with water the next day and allow the air to completely dry before attaching the filters to the filtration system.

Marquis® Spa Bright All-Purpose Cleaner

Before scrubbing the spa interior, remove the attached pillows. To clean the pillows, use a small amount of soapy water, and rinse until there’s no more soap. While the spa remains empty, thoroughly clean the interior of the hot tub with Marquis® Spa Bright All-Purpose Cleaner and microfiber cloth or clean rag, to gently remove lingering residue. Additionally, if you’re looking to clean the plumbing lines, use Marquis® Jetline Cleaner, for a minimal amount of buildup. If you notice large amounts of buildup within the plumbing lines, then use Marquis® Ultimate Cleanse Purge Gel.

The Design is an Elegant Addition to Any Home

Owning a Marquis hot tub within The Crown Collection and Vector21 Series is an elegant addition to any home. The sleek, seamless, and luxurious appearance causes Marquis hot tubs to stand out from the competition. Marquis Hot Tub Environments™ allows owners to add steps, towel bars, and shelves, and choose the best color for the Vector21 hot tub cabinets. Each Marquis hot tub is made from DuraWood, which is an exterior, wood-grained, UV-resistant, synthetic material that’s resistant to water damage, scratches, and dents.

Enjoy top-of-the-line features to make your relaxation time or get together into a miniature party. Within The Crown Collection hot tubs, you’re in complete control of your music and audio with your built-in Crown MQTouch™ color touch screen, for easy control, and an optional Bluetooth Audio System. To add a little bit of color to your Crown Collection hot tub, JEWEL™ LED LIGHTING offers dimmable LED lights to help set the relaxation mood.

For the Vector21 Series, indulge in COSMIC™ AUDIO WITH BLUETOOTH to enjoy your music or FM radio with a remote through twin speakers and a subwoofer. Add Starlight ™ LED lights as an accent or amplify your nighttime relaxation with one set color or smooth multicolor transition. With Marquis hot tubs, relax in complete luxury from appearance to additions.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Marquis Hot Tub with Mufson Pools

Incorporating a Marquis brand hot tub into your home offers a variety of benefits. These luxury hot tubs allow you to relax and wind down from a long day, are a focal point during social gatherings, and provide health benefits such as aid to pain from a chronic disease or relieving an injury. Also, Marquis tubs are easy to maintain, and an elegant addition to your home. All Marquis hot tubs, including the styles within The Crown Collection and Vector21 Series, offer additional, unique features that add an extra element to your relaxation time or hot tub party.

Do you want to enjoy these benefits for yourself? Mufson Pools Landscape & Design carries Marquis brand hot tubs which are available for purchase and installation. Our hot tub experts have current knowledge of Marquis hot tubs and are ready to install your elegant addition to your backyard oasis. For more information about Marquis hot tubs, dial (201) 768-6844 to speak with a team member today!

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