How to Maintain Your Pool

How to Maintain Your Pool for Peak Performance

Nothing beats a good swim on a sizzling summer day as having an in-ground pool allows you to enjoy a slice of luxury. But owning a pool can also feel like a tsunami-sized responsibility as it requires consistent maintenance. Maintaining a swimming pool should not feel like an impossible task – all it requires is consistency and returning to the basics.

Here are some steps you can follow to maintain your pool for superior performance, curated by the Mufson Pools team.

Keep Your Pool Chemicals Balanced

It’s essential for both safety and water quality that the chemical balance – pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels – in your pool stays at optimum levels. More importantly, you won’t have to dish out cash for expensive maintenance or repair costs.

Maintaining a proper pH balance in your pool is crucial for a healthy swimming environment. A proper pH level (7.2-7.8) prevents bacteria and other impurities from getting into the water and causing potential issues like skin irritation or green algae growth. The good news is that keeping your pool chemicals up to date isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Test the pH level of your water regularly with Test Strips or a Pool Kit, to confirm it falls within the 7.2-7.8 range. Also, remember to use chlorine tablets or granules with proper algaecide products for an extra cleanliness boost when needed!

Winterize Your Pool

All good things, including swim season, must eventually come to an end. While it may not seem important, especially if you live in a warmer climate, failing to properly protect your pool during frigid winter months may result in expensive repairs or replacements once the warm weather returns. As you prep your pool for the freezing temperatures, remember to complete these critical steps:

  • Remove all ladders, pumps, and accessories like diving boards
  • Test Water Chemistry
  • Clear away any remaining debris from inside/around the edges of the water basin
  • Drain all excess water in the pool, pipes, and plumbing lines.
  • Close up any vents, lids, or valves tightly
  • Apply antifreeze and water stabilizers
  • Cover your pool with a durable tarp

By taking preventive steps before flying south for the winter, you will have peace of mind knowing your hefty investment remains intact come springtime.

Test Your Pool’s Filtration System

Don’t fear the filter! Your filter acts as a workhorse for your swimming pool. More specifically, a great filtration system catches debris, such as leaves or insects, before they penetrate the pump, linger at the bottom of the pool, or clog up pipes. Conducting routine tests will ensure the water in your pool always remains clear and sparkling.

Check Pool Pumps & Motors

Keeping an eye on pool pumps & motors is arguably just as important as keeping chemical levels balanced. Consider this, the pool equipment supplies the necessary suction power required by filters; circulates water along walls at consistent temperature; oxygenates water chemistry; and even adjusts jet pressure so swimmers can enjoy a relaxing massage every time they plunge into the water! A straightforward method to keep these devices functioning effectively involves running them through regular cycle tests (while filtering out any lingering debris that may obstruct water flow).

Clean Your Pool Regularly

You want your swimming area to look immaculate, right? Well, weekly cleanings will help keep algae from accumulating on the sides or bottom of the pool, prevent dirt from clouding up the crystal-clear water, and guarantee a tidy environment for a refreshing dip.

Skim Out Debris

Leaves are incredibly difficult for your filter system to handle so clearing them from your pool regularly is key! Once per week should suffice unless you experience heavy winds which blow debris into the water quickly; more frequent vacuuming may become necessary depending on the severity of debris build-up in the water.

Scrub Your Pool’s Walls

Remember to scrub off any dirt build-up on the walls and floor of your pool every week or two with a long-handled brush specifically designed for pools. This helps remove dirt build-up (as well as algae), which can affect the chemical balance in the pool water when left unchecked. Just don’t forget to also target delicate areas, like tile, where algae may linger.

Make a Splash This Summer with Proper & Efficient Pool Care

Summertime will arrive in a few short months, and that means it’s almost time to cannonball into your refreshing pool. But before you do, you will want to triple-check that you follow the proper maintenance recommendations, so your pool always looks and performs at its best. Following these simple steps every swim season will ensure lasting results, so you can appreciate those tranquil moments whilst soaking up sun rays.

Let the Mufson Pools team deliver full-service maintenance, customized to your pool’s needs. Dial (201) 768-6844 to learn more about our pool maintenance packages. Our highly trained team will make sure that your swimming pool is ready to go once summer arrives. Have fun & happy swimming!

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