How to Maintain Your Pool

Pool Openings: What You Need to Know

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year! Summer is rapidly approaching, which means ample relaxation, backyard barbecues, and tanning poolside. But wait, your pool is in disarray with with leaves and branches, all the pool equipment is safely tucked away in the garage or shed, and your pool filter and pump have not run in months.

As the colder months wrap up, pool owners eagerly prepare to reopen their swimming pools for the summer. But do you know where to start? Whether you are a seasoned pool owner or new to the game, understanding the pool opening basics allows for a seamless process, especially if you want to keep dollars nestled in your wallet.

Here at Mufson Pools Landscape & Design, our pool experts compiled a list of what you need to know before scheduling a pool opening this year.

Clean and Properly Store Your Pool Cover

With Mother Nature doing her seasonal dance, your swimming pool cover will become littered with twigs, leaves, and other debris. During the off-season, a loop-loc safety cover keeps your pool from sustaining any damage or collecting any falling debris.

Before removing the swimming pool cover, remember to brush off the hoard of debris. Do not skip this step because harmful bacteria or litter may fall into your exquisite pool. You can use a pool cover cleaner and a bristled broom to sanitize the pool cover without causing any damage.

Once you finish with the pool cover, make sure you place it in a storage bin or a heavy-duty container with a lid. Proper care ensures you won’t need to splurge on a brand-new cover because bugs and rodents ruined it.

Voila! Your swimming pool is now one step closer to a grand re-opening for the summer!

Rid Your Pool of Algae

Don’t panic or empty your swimming pool because your pool’s water turned green or black! It’s normal for algae growth to occur during the winter, especially if you don’t have a professional pool company on retainer. Unfortunately, there is a bit more work you’ll have to complete before opening your swimming pool for summer.

To restore the water’s color from green to blue, you’ll need some triple shock. Now, if you’re new to opening a pool, read this carefully.

  • Add 1 pound of chlorine shock for every 10,000 gallons of water. For example, if you have a 20,00- gallon pool, to achieve the triple shock effect, 6 pounds of chlorine shock will be added to your swimming pool.
  • Next, mix a pound of calcium hypochlorite into a bucket of water and slowly add it to the pool.
  • Continue this method until all the chlorine shock bags are gone.

While this process seems tedious, it is the best way to get crystal-clear water back into your pool.

Add Water to Pool & Let it Flow

You probably noticed that the water level dropped since your last swim session. Well, surprise! The water evaporated underneath the pool cover, lowering the amount of water. Not a problem! Just refill the pool. Complete this step before balancing the chemicals and checking the pH level. Otherwise, you won’t see accurate pH levels in your pool’s water.

Test and Balance the Pool Water

Even if you see sparkling water once you pull back the pool cover, you still need to balance the water’s chemical levels. If you need to restock pool supplies, you can find test kits, liquid kits, and digital testers at your local pool supplies store or online. Keeping the pH level, alkalinity, and calcium hardness balanced in your swimming pool is keen for healthy water chemistry. Finally, remember to only add chemicals to your pool when necessary!

Revive the Pool Pump & Filter

Most pool owners don’t think to check their pool’s filter and pump before turning them on. Before reconnecting the filter and pump to your pool, give it a thorough cleaning. By spraying water or replacing your pool’s filter altogether, you kill any harmful bacteria and growth that can stealthily creep back into the water.

Inspecting both the filter and pool pump helps with declaring any damage that occurred during the winter season. For any questions or additional information for checking if the pool pump and filter work, contact a pool professional near you.

Give Your Swimming Pool a Deep Cleaning

The concept of “Spring Cleaning” also applies to your in-ground swimming pool. After months of inactivity, your pool will enjoy some tender loving care. First, thoroughly vacuum the floor, tiles, and wall of your pool. If you have ladders or steps inside your pool, make sure to brush them down from any accumulated algae or dirt.

Next, clean out the baskets and take out any plugs you added at the end of the last summer season. Weekly cleaning should remain a priority before and after your pool opens to ensure a clean and safe environment for all swimmers. Contact a pool professional, like Mufson Pools, for any assistance with pool cleaning or full-service openings.

Effortless Pool Openings with the Mufson Pools Professionals

By closely following these tips, your swimming pool will be summer ready in no time! Opening your family’s swimming pool does not need to be stressful or a difficult process. With over 30 years of experience, Mufson Pools has been helping pool owners throughout Northern New Jersey and New York prepare their backyards.

If you need support or you’re new to the pool opening process, dial (201) 768-6844 to speak with a Mufson Pools professional today. Good luck and happy swimming!

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