How to Keep Your Pool Sparkling Clean 

At the start of winter, our minds can wander to past days of sunshine, and warm breeze. Think of the Ritz-Carlton Resorts, the perfect summer getaway.  These hotels, known for their esteemed excellence, provide their guests with an experience like no other. They exude white-glove customer service, above-and-beyond accommodation, and luxurious amenities.

Imagine a perfectly blue, resort-quality pool in your backyard. Effortlessly attain this aquatic oasis by diligently cleaning and prioritizing specific aspects of your pool water’s health. Add these tips to your pool cleaning routine to get your pool resort ready for the upcoming season.

Maintaining Pool Purity: Weekly Chemical Checks

The first essential step to maintaining a pristine, inviting pool involves keeping a safe and healthy environment for all swimmers. The key to achieving this delicate balance relates to the rigorous practice of chemical checks. Some aspects of chemical checks consist of pH level, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. The pH in your pool measures as a number between 0 and 14 measured on a test strip, 7 being a neutral measurement. A pH level higher than 7 is alkaline and below 7 is acidic. By testing your water, you are taking precautions for the health of the swimmers who enter your pool. This data allows you to add chemicals as needed to ensure a balanced chemical level every time.

Like the pH test, an alkalinity test uses a sample of water. If levels in the sample are too high, the water normally appears cloudy. Complete these tests to make certain that the water does not become overrun with bacteria, which can turn the pool into a breeding ground for germs. This regimen should also include a weekly chemical shock, which replenishes the sanitizer levels in your pool. A DPD test kit checks for chlorine levels, and pH levels. You may need to shock your pool after a large storm or a busy pool party as well.

Important Tools for Pool Maintenance

In the quest for a pristine pool that will WOW your houseguests, your choice of cleaning tools can make all the difference. Taking the time to remove dirt and debris from the water keeps small, pesky particles out of reach, keeping the water free of germs. If left unaddressed, these germs can fester in the water, putting swimmers at risk for infection. Useful tools include:

  • A pool vacuum reaches all germs and removes them with ease. Complete this process twice a week, especially if the pool is frequently used.
  • Brushing the sides of your pool removes stuck-on debris such as dirt, grass, and leaves. This stuck-on debris may appear after a storm and collect on the edges of the pool cover.  Brush reachable areas such as the perimeter twice a week.
  • Skimming your pool retrieves unwanted matter sitting on the surface of the water. Usually, dead bugs, leaves, or other plants gather here. Since this cleaning method gathers the larger, more visible items, be sure to skim the water every other day.

Filtering Out Impurities from Your Pool

Maintaining your pool’s filter system keeps your aquatic oasis up to the best standard. Pool filters play a crucial role in keeping your pool as clean as possible. These devices work constantly, sifting out particles, debris, and contaminants that would otherwise cloud the water and create a haven for unwanted microorganisms.

Neglecting pool filter maintenance not only diminishes water clarity but leads to increased chemical use and higher energy costs. To keep up with maintenance, pool owners should make a point of consistently checking their filters for any issues. If you notice an abnormal odor or a clogged drain, clean or change the filter to avoid damage. In addition, clean your pool filter every month and replace it every year.

Effortless Pool Upkeep with Automatic Cleaners

Say, “Au Revoir” to the hassle of manual cleaning. Automatic pool cleaners have revolutionized the way we maintain our swimming pools. Automatic pool cleaners work similarly to vacuums inside the home, but instead, they push themselves. Imperative to a pool cleaning routine, this technology reaches some of the deepest areas of the pool, scrubbing and sucking up dirt and debris.

The vacuums offer a convenient solution for thorough cleaning, proving their value as an investment. These cleaners are robots that aid in your pool cleaning routine, making the process easier for you. This product also ceases the need for a manual vacuum, cutting your cleaning routine down to skimming and brushing in shallow areas. Investing in an automatic vacuum will be the best choice you can make for the health of your pool!

Embracing the Sparkling Bliss: The Future of Your Pool

To achieve a pool that not only sparkles in the sunshine but feels refreshingly clean, utilize these four attributes in your cleaning routine. Together, these practices and tools form the foundation of a well-maintained pool, transforming it from a mere amenity into a sanctuary of relaxation. As you embark on your own pool maintenance journey, remember these crucial tips.

If you are looking for a service to cover all these bases, Mufson Pools Landscaping and Design provides a convenient maintenance plan for its customers. This plan includes a weekly cleaning valet service, assuring that your aquatic area embodies cleanliness for you and your loved ones. Call (201) 768-6844 today to learn more about taking your pool to the next level!

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