Natural Stone & Pre-cast Retaining Walls

Water from rain and melting snow can wash away soil and put your landscaping at risk. Installing a retaining wall is an excellent way to protect your home or business’ landscaping from erosion. Retaining walls also help expand the usable space of your yard, and they are a stylish way to shape your outdoors space when there is a large change in elevation. When our skilled professionals install your new retaining wall, we will assess the lay of the land and build your wall with proper drainage in mind.

Protect your landscaping from erosion

Build a beautiful retaining wall in your yard

Give your landscaping additional structure by having a gorgeous retaining wall installed in your yard by Mufson Landscape, Pools & Design. Choose a natural stone wall to match your hardscaping design; we have a wide variety of natural stone options available. If natural stone is not the look you desire for your retaining wall, pick a pre-cast wall for smooth, clean lines. A retaining wall is also a great way to mark the property line of your residential or commercial outdoor space. Call us today to plan your new retaining wall. We have many years of experience and an established reputation for great service and high-quality work in Bergan County, New Jersey.


Retaining Wall Photos

Retaining walls are a practical solution to keeping erosion at bay.

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