Landscaping encompasses much more than just improving your lawn and visible features on your property or in your yard. Mufson Pools, Landscape & Design consists of a team of architectural landscape designers and contractors that specialize in making your landscape elements come together in a functional, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally-friendly way. We can help with your back or front yard, garden, mulch, outdoor lighting or other exterior lawn services. 

We specialize in landscape designs that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our designs will reflect your personal tastes and will remain within your budget. We can help you with an entire yard renovation, or help with sod, perennial gardens, accent lighting and more. And of course, we can help you with an integrated pool landscape project.


Improve your property with custom landscaping

Looking to improve your home? Call the seasoned professionals at Mufson for your custom landscaping needs. We will help you to improve the curb appeal of your home with beautiful landscaping perfectly designed for the specifics of your yard. Incorporate bushes, flowers, and even trees to complement the landscape of your home or business. You will have the best-designed yard in your neighborhood, done quickly and expertly. Call us today to schedule your design consultation. We will work with you to give your property a great look at the right price.

Trust the architectural design experts

Our knowledgeable team is here to help you design your ideal landscape architecture. We will examine your residential or commercial space, make careful note of your requirements, and create a beautiful and functional design for your home or business’ outdoor area. We know that you will be pleased when you see the finished design. We have many years of architectural design experience in Bergen County NJ and beyond, and we are well-respected in our community.

Light up your gorgeous landscaping

Enjoy your home or business’ landscaping after the sun has set with landscape lighting designs from Mufson. Installing lights throughout your landscaping and complimentary outdoor living spaces will allow you to enjoy gorgeous outdoor designs at any hour and can also compliment the aesthetics of your property for passersby. The increased visibility can also reduce the risk of tripping or slipping by lighting your path.

Ensure your yard stays lush and green

Since growing a yard full of grass can take nearly a month, the fastest way to get a yard of breathtaking green grass is to install sod. Once our landscape experts have installed sod in your yard, we recommend you frequently water your lawn to encourage the sod to take root.

Keep your home dry when the weather is wet

With grading and drainage services from Mufson, you can direct troublesome water away from your property when it is wet outside. Home and businesses with improper drainage or grading often flood because the water flows toward your foundation, eventually eroding the foundation and allowing the water to seep inside. You can avoid these problems and the resulting expensive flood and foundation repairs by making sure your yard has proper drainage and grading.

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