Landscape Lighting

Light up your landscaping at any hour

Mufson Landscape, Pools & Design offers landscaping that can be enjoyed even after the sun has set. 

Lighting is both attractive and functional and will allow you to showcase the gorgeous outdoor design of your residential or commercial space. Add lighting to your deck or patio, pools, water features, or simply add accent lighting amongst your landscaping. Mufson can also add lighting to hardscaped features that will allow you to enjoy your backyard well into the evening hours.

Get the best landscape lighting in Bergen County, New Jersey with the help of the professionals at Mufson.

Increase the safety of your property with landscape lighting

An great way to make your property safer and avoid accidents on the grounds of your property is to add landscape lighting. Mufson provides a wide variety of lighting options, including low-voltage LED systems, enviornmentally-friendly solar systems and much more. Landscape lights can increase the beauty and curb appeal of your outdoor space. We will help you pick the perfect outdoor lighting system for your landscape.

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