Swimming Pool Coping

Pool coping adds the perfect finishing touch

Line the edge of your swimming pool with pool coping – the perfect finishing touch. The knowledgeable professionals at Mufson Pools will help you choose the right coping to complete your pool project. Coping comes in either a straight-edge or bullnose finish.

Choose from a variety of materials including concrete pool coping, precast or natural stone pool coping, brick coping, pavers around your pool, or many other materials (and styles such as cantilever pool coping). Pick a color that matches your decking or make your coping decorative as well as functional by choosing a complementary color. Whatever your pool edging idea, Mufson is here to help.

Mufson Pools will help you coordinate your pool with the rest of your outdoor living space, including your pool landscaping, entertainment, and dining areas. You can also choose from a variety of features to be attached your gunite pool including waterfalls, custom steps, pool decks and more. We will work with you to fully customize your project to your specific tastes and budget.

Increase the safety of your pool area with swimming pool coping

Swimming pool coping doesn’t just add a decorative finish to your pool but it can also help increase the safety of your outdoor area for your family and friends. Mufson Pools can add a special coating to your pool’s coping to reduce the liklihood of guests from slipping. Pool owners can also reduce the risk of injury by choosing a rounded, bullnose finish for coping rather than a straight edge finish.

Coping protects your pool from damage which will reduce or eliminate costly repairs in the future. Protect the structure of your pool as well as reduce water damage to the outside of your pool by adding coping. Mufson Pools, Landscape & Design has over 25 years of experience in the business. Whether you choose granite pool coping, sandstone pool coping, or any other pool coping options, materials or styles, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

NJ & NY Swimming Pool Coping Photos

Installation of subtle coping can help increase the elegance of your swimming pool area.

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