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If you are considering buying a hot tub, it’s essential to understand the advantages it can offer you and your loved ones. Hot tubs are considered luxurious retreats that allow you to unwind and de-stress. With time, we have realized that hot tubs provide numerous benefits. Apart from promoting good mental health, they have also been proven to have positive effects on your physical well-being.

At Mufson Pools, our team of experts is committed to helping you find the perfect hot tub. We take the time to understand your needs and preferences, so we can recommend the ideal hot tub that suits your requirements. Our goal is to ensure that you can enjoy all the benefits of your new oasis to the fullest.

The Reality of Owning a Hot Tub in Haworth, NJ

Owning a hot tub in Haworth can be both exciting and beneficial. However, it’s important to be aware of all aspects of hot tub ownership, including the potential drawbacks. Mufson Pools’ experts are committed to informing customers about both the benefits and disadvantages associated with owning a hot tub. Let’s discuss the various factors that come into play when owning a hot tub:

  • Regular Maintenance: Keeping up with maintenance on your hot tub may seem daunting, but it’s not as difficult as it may appear. When you invest in a high-quality hot tub from Mufson Pools, maintenance is a breeze. However, opting for a cheaper hot tub could result in hours of upkeep. By creating a regular maintenance schedule, it’s simple to keep your hot tub in excellent condition.
  • Monthly Costs: When deciding whether to buy a hot tub, it’s crucial to factor in all costs, including the initial purchase price and ongoing monthly expenses. Although the steep price tag of a traditional hot tub may make you consider an inflatable alternative, keep in mind that you’ll be sacrificing the therapeutic benefits.
  • Energy Consumption: Hot tubs require a 240V outlet, which is the same type used by ovens and clothes dryers. As a result, your electricity bill may increase. However, there are several ways to conserve energy while using your hot tub. One way is to keep the hot tub cover closed when it’s not in use. Additionally, lowering the water temperature, keeping the hot tub on to retain heat, and performing regular maintenance are all effective energy-saving measures.


At Mufson Pools, we recognize the pivotal significance of every facet, encompassing maintenance, costs, and energy consumption, in your discerning decision-making process. With Mufson Pools as your trusted companion, you need not navigate these considerations in solitude. Our seasoned experts stand resolute in their commitment to shepherd you through the intricate landscape of hot tub ownership, presenting customized guidance and resolutions to mitigate potential challenges.

Benefits of Owning a Marquis Hot Tub in Haworth, NJ

Although owning a hot tub comes with some responsibilities, the benefits greatly outweigh any drawbacks. Mufson Pools has teamed up with Marquis to offer Haworth residents top-notch hot tubs that offer numerous advantages. Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy by owning a Marquis hot tub:

  • Health Benefits: Soaking in a hot tub can provide numerous health benefits. This form of hydrotherapy can aid with chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, muscle pain, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), arthritis, and rehabilitation from injury. Not only does it offer physical benefits, but it also has positive effects on your mental health. Just 20 minutes of sitting in a hot tub can reduce stress and improve your sleep quality.
    Luxurious Relaxation: After a long day, there’s nothing quite like sinking into the warm embrace of your Marquis hot tub. With various seating options to ensure your utmost comfort, and a range of massage options including shiatsu, deep-tissue, Swedish, and relaxation, you’ll be able to unwind and recharge for the day ahead.
    Social Gatherings: Having a hot tub is a fantastic addition to social gatherings. It encourages people to disconnect from the internet and fully relax, providing an opportunity for everyone to come together and strengthen their friendships and relationships through quality time spent together.
    Easy to Maintain: Marquis hot tubs are designed to be easy to maintain, thanks to the self-cleaning option called ConstantClean. The skimmers within Marquis hot tubs collect any debris, sweat, skin oil, skin cells, sunscreen, lotion, makeup, dirt, and grit that accumulate on the surface of the water. Simply set the ConstantClean feature to run every four to six weeks and let your hot tub’s built-in technology take care of the rest.


In a world where well-being and leisure converge, owning a hot tub emerges not just as a responsibility, but as a gateway to an extraordinary lifestyle. The partnership between Mufson Pools and Marquis opens the door to a realm of unrivaled experiences, where the merits of hot tub ownership truly shine. Amidst the array of responsibilities, the allure of benefits prevails, and Marquis hot tubs stand as a testament to this truth.

The Best Hot Tub Company in Haworth, NJ

Welcome to Haworth, NJ, a town bursting with warmth and charm! Nestled in Bergen County, this inviting haven is home to a tight-knit community of under 3,000 people. Whether you seek a serene escape or a lively atmosphere, Haworth welcomes you with open arms. The sense of community here is palpable, and you’ll find friendly faces at every turn. No matter your age or interests, Haworth has something delightful in store for you.

Get ready to be entertained and captivated by the town’s plethora of attractions and activities. Dive into a world of knowledge and enjoyment at the Haworth Public Library, where you’ll discover a diverse collection of reading materials and engaging family events. The Haworth Nature Center offers both educational opportunities and exciting recreational experiences for visitors of all ages. Nature lovers will be enchanted by the array of parks and scenic trails to explore, including the picturesque Haworth Park and the serene Woodland Trail.

Haworth takes pride in its vibrant dining scene, catering to every culinary craving. Whether you seek comforting dishes or a gourmet feast, you’ll find a variety of excellent restaurants to choose from. Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Italy at the Italian Villa, savor a delectable meal at the Haworth Grill, or experience the inviting ambiance of the Red House Tavern.

Haworth beckons with its small-town charm, friendly community, and exciting offerings. Prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of this cozy haven that feels like home. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or adventure, Haworth promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with cherished memories.

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Owning a hot tub can bring a multitude of benefits to your life, from relaxation and stress relief to improved physical health and quality time spent with loved ones. When it comes to purchasing a hot tub, Mufson Pools is a trusted and experienced provider with a wide selection of high-quality products to choose from. At Mufson Pools, our dedicated team of experts goes the extra mile to provide you with comprehensive insights into both the advantages and drawbacks of hot tub ownership. With their knowledgeable staff and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can feel confident in your decision to invest in a hot tub from Mufson Pools.

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