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Northern New Jersey residents unanimously trust Mufson Pools to install or design a new hot tub and spa. Our unrivaled services amplify customers’ backyards, transforming them into the quintessential staycation spot all summer long.

The hot tub and spa professionals at Mufson Pools Landscape & Design understand that you need and deserve as much relaxation as possible. By installing a hot tub alongside your swimming pool, or opting for a stand-alone hot tub, you can finally decompress after a long day at the office.

Aside from refined beauty, every spa we install features advanced hydrotherapy and powerful performance. Discover why Mufson Pools is the preferred hot tub service in northern New Jersey for yourself!

Bringing Premium Spas & Hot Tubs to Backyards Across Northern New Jersey

Hot tub and spa installation professionals at Mufson Pools strive to deliver top-of-the-line service and installation. If you notice anything wrong, or if your hot tub and spa do not run properly, Mufson Pools will fix your issues as soon as they arise!

When it comes to installing your hot tub in your outdoor living area, Mufson Pools professionals follow all the necessary steps to ensure complete satisfaction:

  • Site Preparation: A Mufson Pools specialist will assess the site. Before installing anything, our distinguished team members will level the ground and make any necessary plumbing or electricity connections.
  • Delivery: Once you choose the right hot tub or spa, the Mufson team will deliver it to your home, and place it in the desired location until installation day.
  • Assembly: Mufson Pools will arrive and assemble the hot tubs. We will add all the necessary components including the pump, heaters, and jets.
  • Plumbing & Electrical Connections: After the Mufson Pools professionals attach the needed components for your hot tub to properly work, a team member will connect the plumbing and electrical system directly to the hot tub and spa. What will be connected is the water supply and electrical power.
  • Testing: After the installation process, Mufson Pools will conduct tests to confirm the hot tub functions properly.
  • Startup/Training: After successful testing, one of our hard-working team members will demonstrate how to properly operate your new hot tub.
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support: Mufson Pools will deliver any maintenance and needed support you need, even after resolving the installation process.


Let the Mufson Pools professionals install a luxury hot tub and spa in your backyard. We offer a variety of different luxury brands to choose from! For specific brands Mufson Pools has available, contact us directly!

Mufson Pools Creates an At-Home Spa for Northern NJ Homeowners

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Make Your Backyard Your Personal Relaxation Spot with Mufson Pools!

Mufson Pools is the No.1 choice in luxury hot tub and spa installations for Northern New Jersey residents. Do you crave more relaxation time in your private backyard paradise? Let the Mufson Pools technicians and specialists unleash your backyard’s potential.

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