Maintenance Services

Offering luxury pool maintenance services customized to the needs of your pool & family.

Maintenance and care are at the forefront of making sure your swimming pool runs smoothly and safely. Mufson Pools offers comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure you have a smooth start at the beginning of the season, weekly valet throughout the summer and an efficient closing in the fall. We are a one stop shop for emergency pool repair services, equipment repair or replacement, complete renovations and new construction. Our highly trained team at Mufson Pools will make sure that your swimming pool is always staycation ready.

Maintenance Services

Let Mufson create a full service plan for your pool + spa. This will include all of the services featured here at one all-inclusive cost. Premier customers are required to pay in advance and receive a discount on their maintenance package.

  • Removal/Storage or Installation of winter cover (at our warehouse or your home)

  • Uncapping and clearing of circulation lines

  • Cleaning and balancing pool water

  • Testing and start-up of mechanical equipment

  • Weekly vacuum

  • Brushing pool walls, floor + tiles

  • Balancing water (chemicals included)

  • Cleaning skimmers + pump baskets

  • Monitoring equipment + checking for leaks other issues

  • Maintaining water levels

  • Testing/monitoring water balance

  • Monitoring equipment

  • Adjusting the winter cover if necessary

  • Most importantly winter service allows for a speedy + efficient opening come spring

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